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I apologize for not having written a post in ages! I have not forgotten about this blog – the past month, I’ve been running around like a crazy person, figuring out insurance (done, luckily), getting a permit (done!), networking (ongoing…) and continuing to look for a job. And before I realized, we are well into fall and I have not cooked enough with apples! Luckily I can still find high-quality apples in the local markets – I heard that enterprise, empire, cortland, Fuji and a bunch of other types of apples are harvested in the winter as well.

There really are few kinds of fruit as versatile as apples. Stuffed in grilled cheese, dipped in caramel, thrown in casseroles, they can bring a sense of warmth and sweetness to compliment almost any dish. And for those with a sweet tooth,  apples crisp, apple sauce, apple upside down cake, apple cider glazed doughnuts are just a few…Oh did I mention apple pies? A flaky, buttery pie with sweet and tart apple-y goodness oozing out of the shell…is as American as it gets (especially when baked by Mom).

 Is it fair to say that apples are the king of all fruit? Not only are they extremely affordable and have a taste that appeals to almost everyone, apples can be grown worldwide (although China produces more than 35% of the total). The apple tree was said to be the first tree to be cultivated, so it’s not surprising at all that the word “apple” has profoundly rooted in our language.

Now, count to 10 and think of as many phrases as you can with the word apple in it!

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