Yue is the kind of person who would bake spontaneously for her coworkers at 3am, bring organic produce all the way from Vermont’s farmer’s market back to Boston and spend hours cooking up a storm in her cramped dorm kitchen (and occasionally setting off the smoke detector). She once canceled a meeting because she couldn’t leave her apartment while her boeuf bourguignon was simmering away on the stove.

She is the annoying friend who would lecture you on a new molecular gastronomy vocab she has just learned. As you fall asleep listening to her rant, she will wake you up to ask : “Hey, have you ever thought if there is a link between macaroon and macaroni?” or “Isn’t it interesting that pizza is called ‘pizza’ in every language?” Basically, she is a nerd and will correct you when you confuse Manhattan and New England clam chowder.

Yue also has a passion for studying foreign languages, having lived in Beijing, Boston and Madrid. She even signed up for a semester of French in a heartbeat while traveling to Morocco and felt utterly ashamed of not being able to speak French or Arabic. (Be warned: when she’s jet-legged, she’ll talk to you in Chinese regardless of your nationality.)

In a nutshell, Speaking of Food is a blog where Yue combines her love for food and linguistics to explore the language of food and food in our language. She will showcase her food photography here as well. Please feel free to post comments and suggestions for blog entries. She will happily engage in tedious research for you to find out about the life of General Tso, the history of Sloppy Joe’s and the delectable story behind whoppie pies…

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  1. Marianna D. said:

    This looks like it’s going to be very interesting, I can’t wait to read your posts and learn all about food!

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