London 2010 with Jamie and Marianna

Does a certain food remind you of a certain trip? I was eating fish and chips the other day, and without fail, the dish brought me back to my trip to London in November and my British colleagues at TimeOut Beijing, who couldn’t start the day without reminiscing their good ol’ fish and chips…

Seriously, the biggest paella I’ve ever seen. AFTER living in Spain for half a year.

An outrageously delicious hot dog Jamie and I wolfed down in Borough Market.

Scraping down the bubbly cheese to spread on toasty bread…hmm you just died in cheese heaven, didn’t you? See this close up.



Monmouth Coffee @Borough Market. ❤ the communal tables.

Indian food in Brick Lane

Chickpea and chorizo stew @portobello market

Any basket for a pound!

Of course…the crispy-juicy-tender-fresh-saltyicious FISH AND CHIPS.

Readers: What’s your favorite foodie trip?


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