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Have you ever encountered a bad egg?

I was shocked when I learned the reason why many chefs crack eggs in a separate bowl is to make sure that the egg is fresh. What are the chances to stumble upon a bad egg? What does a bad egg even look like? I heard it smells awful. But I have never had a bad egg.

On the other hand, “bad egg” is also a colloquial phrase, perhaps an old colloquial phrase that would make you sound unfashionable if you used it nowadays: a person or a scheme that doesn’t live up to the expectations. Clearly, it came about when a person cracked open an egg, only to find that it had gone bad. But why egg? Why not a watermelon or a pistachio? When was the first usage of the phrase? I went digging for answers.

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Ah haven’t written a real post in three weeks. But here are the Wednesday photos, as promised.


A trip to Vermont, inevitably, led to a meal at the American Flatbread. A restaurant that sources local ingredients and bakes its flatbread to yummy crusty perfection in an earthen oven. (My mouth is watering as I type…seriously, you’ve got to try it if you haven’t. You should be able to find it in your local whole foods store.)
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Does a certain food remind you of a certain trip? I was eating fish and chips the other day, and without fail, the dish brought me back to my trip to London in November and my British colleagues at TimeOut Beijing, who couldn’t start the day without reminiscing their good ol’ fish and chips…

Seriously, the biggest paella I’ve ever seen. AFTER living in Spain for half a year.

An outrageously delicious hot dog Jamie and I wolfed down in Borough Market.
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